In the era of digital communications, the focus is on speed and efficiency. Traditional mail has been mostly replaced by email, but the former still exists. Even greeting cards have been replaced by graphic images sent through social media.

Just when you thought there was no turning back from this trend, a sudden renaissance emerged, born out of the appreciation for personalized, handmade cards and crafts. All of a sudden, the millennials who have grown up in the age of the Internet have taken a new interest of expressing themselves through paper art. From calligraphy to origami, with materials such as glitter, silver foil, and beads, art is on a comeback.

A Desire to Connect in a Different Way

The purpose of sending handmade cards and paper crafts still spring from the same desire to connect. It is the same purpose of social media, emails, SMS and calls. There are now billions of social media accounts in multiple platforms. Meeting and greeting people online is now easy and effortless. However, for the recipient, it has also become mundane.

The resurgence of handmade cards stem from a desire to stand out from the crowd. There is now a switch in the demographic, and receiving stationery is now considered special. It takes more time and effort and truly makes one feel special, more than receiving a Christmas greeting as part of a blast message.

Aside from being distinct from the crowd, handmade cards and crafts can bring back memories of a time when the world was not always in a rush. It offers a fresh respite from the stress of modern, everyday living, a huge chunk of which is spent staring on a computer or phone screen.

Technology Fuels the Art Resurgence

Instead of being the antidote to a resurgence of old school art, social media has actually helped propagate the renaissance. One of the most notable examples is the Pinterest bride phenomenon, which pushed the sales of stationery that were used to make personalized invitations and programs.

However, not everyone is gifted with the innate creativity and skill to translate their visions into actual paper. That said, there was still a need to manufacture these items. With the growing interest in social media, many arts and craft stores have sprung up, and small businesses capitalizing on the art craze emerge.

It is not that difficult hard to start a handmade card and craft store, as there are more resources online than ever before.

Tips on Starting a Handmade Cards and Crafts Business

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If you want to harness your own creativity to make extra money, there are various suggestions that you can follow:

1. Seek ideas online from art and crafts forums. Some professional designers share tips in online forums.

2. Find inspiration from the child within. Even if your intention is to start a business, the entire purpose of handmade cards is to convey positive feelings and to release your inner feelings.

3. Establish connections with your market by beating the bandwagon. You can make proposals for the upcoming holidays. This will give you enough lead time to gather resources to turn your vision into reality.

Handmade cards and paper crafts are simple art forms that will always have a place in our hearts, as they convey the pure and unadulterated feelings we have for our loved ones. While it has grown into an industry in itself, the essentials remain the same.

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