When was the last time you changed your mattress? If you can’t remember it probably was too long ago and you might need to replace it. If you feel it’s uncomfortable, lumpy, saggy and is affecting your sleep, a change of mattress is the best way to go.

Why it’s so important to replace a worn mattress

The mattress where you sleep has a close relationship to the quality of sleep you’re getting. The main reason most people change their mattress tends to be comfort, over time as the mattress wears down, it can start affecting how you sleep and end up seriously affecting your overall health.

Poor quality sleep is linked to diseases like diabetes, heart and kidney disease. If the mattress you’re sleeping on doesn’t support you well, it can cause painful alignment problems with your neck, spine, and hips.

Allergens like dust mites also accumulate in mattresses, causing or worsening allergy and asthma symptoms in people as well as other respiratory conditions.

These are some signs that tell you to head over to the closest mattress sale in Salt Lake City to replace your mattress:

Your mattress is seven years or older

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Generally, mattresses have an average life-span of eight years though it varies by type, manufacturer, how you sleep and how many people are sleeping in the bed. Body weight can also impact the life-span of your mattress; heavier people tend to wear them down faster.

Wear and tear

Signs of wear include sagging, lumps, and coils that can be felt through the fabric. If there’s a dent in your mattress in the shape of your body, that’s a signal that your mattress is overly worn.

If the springs in your mattress are squeaking when you move, is a sign that they’re worn and can’t provide appropriate support your body.

Stiff and sore muscles

If your mattress isn’t giving you enough support, it could lead to stiff and sore muscles in the morning. A worn mattress can cause poor sleep which in turn can cause chronic back pain.

If you tend to wake up feeling sore and stiff, your mattress could be part of what’s causing it. If your back pain feels worse when you wake up but as you move and stretch subsides, it’s a sign that your mattress is contributing to it.

Worsened allergies or asthma

Mattresses collect the most dust mites and allergens out of everything else in your house, which can become incredibly problematic for people with asthma and allergies.

Cleaning and vacuuming it regularly can help keep the allergy at bay but if the symptoms don’t improve after a good clean, it’s time to replace the mattress.

Like most things in life, mattresses are not designed to last forever. The constant wear and tear can age it and cause problems with your sleep quality and spine health. It’s always a good idea to invest in a good quality product that can have a long life-span (You can find a great deal at mattress sale) and keep you sleeping like a baby.

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