Grief results from any loss. The loss could be the passing on of a loved one, a job, or even a relationship. When someone is grieving, he or she goes through various stages, which are universal. Everyone goes through these phases regardless of the culture country or religion. Experts say that there are five stages of grieving.

During grief, the affected person spends different periods walking through every step. They also express the phases with varying levels of intensity. When you go through all the stages, you will come to terms with the loss. If you just lost someone and are considering green funerals in the UK, take some time to understand the grieving process first.

1. Denial and isolation

Denial is the first stage. It helps the bereaved to reduce the overwhelming pain of loss. As you get through the reality of what just happened, you might be in a state of shock and dismay. Nothing makes sense at this point, and all you want is to get through the day. Sometimes you might even become numb, which means that you are immune to pain.

2. Anger

As the effects of denial slowly wear away, reality starts kicking in. You realize that the loss happened and that you were not prepared for it. The stage is marked by an intense emotion that is expressed as anger. You might direct the irritation to your family, friends, or even the deceased. If you are religious, you might blame God because you would feel like he didn’t do enough to save the situation.

3. Bargaining

Once it dawns on you that anger will not change the situation, you might start negotiating. To make the situation more bearable, you might make deals with God or a higher power that you believe in. This is also the stage where you make “what if” statements. You might find yourself saying; “What if we got a medical cover sooner?” or “What if I got there sooner?”

4. Depression

depressed woman covering her faceBy this time, the truth of the loss had dawned on you completely, and you are probably feeling hopeless. Depression represents the emptiness we feel when we are finally getting into terms with the reality of the situation. The world seems overwhelming, and you want to be away from everyone. At this point, you need to find help. Talk to someone about how you feel so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

5. Acceptance

You get to the last stage of grief when you accept the state of loss. The kind of recognition here is a permanent one. Your emotions stabilize, and you start getting used to your new reality. Life has seasons, some of which are bad, while others are good. You understand that the loss was a bad season, but you will be okay either way.

How does a bereaved individual go through grief? Is it possible to handle the pain, and does it ever come to an end? If you have just lost a job, a friend, or a loved one, take time to go through each of these stages of grief.

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