Wedding preps can be stressful and tiring, so arming yourself with a list that’s got all that you need in the proper order is key to a smooth and stress-free prep season. Here are 3 of the things you should put at the top of your list.

Wedding Dress

Putting this at the very top of your list gives you enough time to find the dress that speaks to you. Looking for the dress that you will love is a process, and you’ll need all the time to look for THE dress. To help you get started, take a look at the lovely wedding gowns at a specialty store in Provo, where you can find classic to modern silhouettes. Can’t find what you’re looking for? You can also work on a design with their team to make your dream wedding dress a reality. It’s worth checking out.

After finalizing the design of your dress, if you have it custom made, or finding the one that you love, make time for final fitting at least 12 days before the big day. This gives you enough time to make any adjustments and have it ready days before you need it.


white themed wedding venueBefore booking suppliers, the Clergy and entourage, and starting with the invites, securing the venue must is the second step in the prep season. Prepare a list of venues, including the addresses, so you can strategize and plan your route accordingly. Pick out wedding dates; not just one date but have at least three. This gives you enough flexibility to work on your list and make the best decision about where and when you’d like your wedding to be. It’s also highly advisable to call the place before heading out, to see if your preferred dates are still available. This will help you prune your list and look for other possible options in case you need to replace anything on your list.

Planning routes and schedules is key in making sure this part of the preps goes as smooth and as quick as possible as securing a date must be done fast, to avoid losing your pencil booking to another event. If time permits, have it done in a week or two max. If you find a place you like but would still like to check the rest of the places on your list, pencil book it and take note of how long they can hold the booking for you. This will help you once you’re in the final stages of the venue selection process. Always have a back up of essential phone numbers and keep everything documented to ensure that everything stays on track and is according to plan.

Clergy And Entourage

Once you have secured the date, it’s time to set an appointment with clergy and your entourage too. Once all the names have been completed, you can already start with the invites! You can tell that you’ve done half of the work when you get to this part as most of the big items are set in place. You can now focus on the even more fun and creative part of your preparations, including picking out dresses for your entourage and your bridal party, too!

Once all these three items have been taken care of and secured, you can start with the final chunk of things like choosing suppliers, your wedding theme and color palette, invitation designs, and wedding favours. So if you’re still feeling overwhelmed with all the work involved in the first three months of your wedding preps, fret no more and use this list as a starter. Here’s wishing you fun filled months ahead!

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