Although a wedding ceremony is all about the union of two people, for many guests, the real event starts at the reception. For the newlyweds, a great wedding venue in Kent is the place for them to relax and let their nerves loosen up a bit. However, to get to that point, careful planning is a must.

But what can you do if you are on a stringent budget? Fortunately, there are ways to have fun without spending a lot of your money on decors.

Get Some White Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are not just for the yuletide season. The truth is that most people use them all year round to create a simple yet elegant ambience. You can even use these lights to add a little drama to your wedding reception venue. All you need to do is to hang them around tables, the ceilings or even in a few of the potted plants.

Use Ribbons for the Seats

Seat covers are too pricey to rent and take a lot of time to produce. So, it is highly advisable to find an alternative instead. You can use wide ribbons and then tie them on the backs of the furniture to create an opulent design. Ribbons are affordable and can be a perfect replacement for expensive seat cases. You can ask a few of your friends to help you set them up for the reception venue.

Cover the Tables With Fabric

Fabrics are another affordable item you can use to decorate the reception area and create a posh layout. You can purchase a few yards from the craft store and use it to cover places that need decoration. You can apply to drape the ceilings or even wrap the tables. Be creative with the material and place it in certain areas to create a soft yet serene atmosphere.

Let It Glow

Aside from using white Christmas lights, there are other ways to make the event look magical. Using candles, for instance, to add more glow to the reception area can turn a simple barn to something more magical. However, do not discredit its effect even during daylight, especially if the event is indoors.

Go Floral

Bride talking to the wedding planner

Flowers can add beauty to any occasion, and some of them are quite affordable as well. Cut a few branches and decorating them with Christmas lights to create a serene atmosphere. You can also get a few inspirations from your favourite magazines and see which ones would be perfect for your wedding reception.

Walk on the Memory Lane

You can make it even more intimate by decorating a corner of the reception area with a few of your engagement photographs. You can also take it to the next level by displaying some of your favourite photos together to show at the reception venue.

Decorating your wedding reception venue should not cost you an excessive amount. You only need to be creative in styling the site. You can ask help from a couple of your friends, so you can come up with other ideas to make the venue even more beautiful.

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