People don’t like to think about death, most especially their own funeral. However, it is thoughtful to make plans for when it inevitably comes. The time after your death will be an incredibly difficult period for your family, and pre-arranging will reduce their stress of making important decisions while they’re grieving. By planning your funeral in advance, each element of your service will be tailored to suit preferences, gaining peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Funeral plan providers arrange personalised funeral services with care and sensitivity. If you are considering planning your own funeral or memorial service, here’s a list of the advantages.

Pre-designing the funeral to your own preferences and specifications

Everyone is different, and many people express wishes about how they want to be laid to rest. Some people want a full traditional funeral, others a simple memorial service or a cremation with the ashes spread in specific locations.

Pre-paid plans give you the flexibility and time to plan your funeral according to how you want it remembered. As you are the one making the decisions, your preferences for the nature of the service will be incorporated. You choose where the burial or cremation takes place, the epitaph on your gravestone, the floral display, music and readings at the ceremony and the arrangements for any post-funeral reception. All of these personal elements also act as a final message of goodbye to family and friends as they pay their last respects.

Protection from the rising cost of funerals

Man computing his moneyFunerals are expensive and their prices are likely to increase over time. According to the Competition and Markets Authority, funeral costs are rising at almost twice the rate of wages, and have risen more than 70 per cent in the last decade. Even if you save money in the bank to prepare for future burial expenses, you and your family won’t be protected against increasing costs.

The earlier you contribute to a pre-paid funeral plans now, the better the savings. Many budget-wise and flexible payment options are available, ranging from a single payment to monthly instalments.

Relieving loved ones of emotional distress

Leaving loved ones is never easy, and death is especially difficult for the family members left behind. By preparing a funeral, you show your love and understanding by relieving your family of a considerable burden and financial strain during an already difficult period. Additionally, it gives your family the benefit of a meaningful funeral. Since they’ll be in the middle of grieving, having a pre-planned service enables them to begin the healing process as soon as possible. By following your instructions in the plan, they will be at ease knowing that they’re honouring your life with a fitting ceremony and a proper send-off.

Purchasing a funeral plan enables you to arrange, pay and design your ceremony and burial in advance. With a pre-paid funeral plan, you personalise your own send-off, save yourself and your loved ones from rising funeral costs, and prevent complicating the emotional burden of family and friends.

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