You’ve heard it before and you’re about to hear it again: stress has taken over Americans in an inexplicable manner. The average American today deals with monumental stress on the daily basis. According to the American Institute of Stress, 62 percent of employees experience work-related neck pain by the end of their shift. Half of the respondents of the institute’s survey also said that they spend 12 hours working per day and skip their lunch.

An Overworked Nation

What’s staggering about the institute’s data was the emotional, physical, and financial toll that stress takes on the majority of the American workforce. At least 12 percent of the survey respondents reported that they were absent from work at one point due to work stress. Forty percent said they experienced eyesight problems due to stress, while thirty-four percent experience sleep problems. Lastly, one in four have said that they had cried at work due to job stress, while one in five said they resigned from a job because of the stress involved with their day-to-day workload.

What the so-called stress epidemic has become is astonishing. But, many do not know that they can reduce stress in simple ways. A quick stroll in a tree-lined park or a nature trek in the wilderness can significantly reduce stress. A walk in the meadows or in the woods can help fight depression and obsessing about negative thoughts. According to the University of Minnesota, having plants inside your room can tremendously help in reducing anxiety and stress.

Considering Nature Travel

White car on red sand roadA quick escape to the countryside could be beneficial to you, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Besides, neighborhoods and cities near the countryside are usually affordable destinations. Montana, North and South Dakota, Idaho, Kansas, Colorado, Wisconsin and Utah are flanked by hypnotic mountain ranges, forests, waterways, and flatlands that are just so beautiful. National parks such as the Yellowstone, Glacier and Rocks National Lakeshore are a sight to behold. These parts of the country are definitely conducive to relieving you of the stress of your daily life, and you should definitely consider heading to them, at least once in your lifetime.

Unbeknown to most travelers, these states also boast of rich history and heritage. Most of the country’s historic battlefields, forts and iconic monuments, such as Mount Rushmore, are located in these flyover states. Perhaps what’s even more surprising is that the food is insanely good. Creole, Tex-Mex, Carribean and Southern comfort food—they’re all available there, 24/7. The alcoholic beverages are phenomenal too (Kentucky whiskey anyone?).

You Deserve a Breather

Explore America’s natural wonders and take the nature trip that you’ve always wanted. Look at Sprinter vans for sale in Idaho and similar flyover states to save money, or get a rental and make your road trip plans a reality. But if you really can’t go or have the time, bring nature to your living space or backyard. Add some greenery into your life and see how much it can change your life.

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