It’s pretty much summer all year round in the Philippines. You only get a month or two of cooler weather from late December to early February. And, though it seems like it was only yesterday that you enjoyed this reprieve from the heat, summer is just around the corner.

Though summer can mean lots of fun in the sun—the country boasts an array of beautiful beaches, after all—one downside is the extreme heat. Being near the equator, the sun casts harsh rays across the Philippines, especially during the summer. This can spell trouble for your skin.

To avoid sun damage, grab your makeup bag and make sure you have these essential products that protect your skin.

1. Sun Cream

Let’s face it: some types of sunblock make the skin feel greasy. With the heat, the greasy feeling becomes even more off-putting. Why not try a COSRX sun cream made from aloe leaf extract instead. The popularity of COSRX in the Philippines has grown because it’s a Korean brand, and we’re all crazy for Korean skincare! When you apply their sun cream on your face, the aloe extract instantly cools and hydrates your skin while protecting it from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

2. Lip Balm

Lip balm is every Filipina’s best friend, so don’t forget to include a tub, tin, or tube of it in your kit. The heat can dehydrate you, and this often results in dry lips. Unfortunately, licking your lips won’t alleviate the dryness. According to Healthline, saliva from the tongue further strips your lips of moisture, so you’re better off avoiding that.

Instead, twist the cap off your lip balm and apply it to your lips. Make sure your choice has Shea or cocoa butter, beeswax, or Vitamin E as these ingredients are perfect for moisturizing your dry lips.

3. Oil Control Powder Foundation

powder foundation

As many a beauty blogger has said, “oiliness is next to ugliness.” While a dewy look on your skin is quite appealing, a greasy look just isn’t. The summer heat and humidity intensify sebum production, which causes excessive oiliness and, in turn, acne and blemishes. So if you don’t mattify your face, you’ll end up with oily and acne-prone skin, a double whammy.

To remedy that problem, harness the power of a powder foundation with oil control properties. Powder foundations are quicker and easier to apply than liquid ones, so make sure to get this extremely useful, makeup bag must-have.

4. Oil Control Strips

Before you retouch with your oil control foundation, take out an oil control strip or film and dab it on the greasy parts of your face. These are strips of thin, waxy paper specially made to absorb oil from your skin and keep your face free from grime. This is also a beauty essential, as simply applying powder on your oily face will make it oil up even faster.

5. Transfer-proof Liquid Lipstick

The Philippine beauty industry is filled with long-lasting liquid lipsticks that are perfect for every Filipina. Liquid lipsticks adhere better than traditional solid ones, and you’ll definitely want a more smudge-proof lippie, what with all the water-drinking you’ll be doing this summer. What’s more, there are hundreds of shades and brands to choose from, so you can experiment on what summer color best fits you.

As summer nears, you must be more vigilant about the health of your skin. By being prepared with these makeup bag must-haves, you’re ready to beat the summer heat while staying fresh and beautiful.

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