Many men and women are determined to restore their youthful looks the moment they start seeing visible signs of aging. Besides white hairs and receding hairlines, wrinkles and dark spots are two other aging symptoms that most people work hard to get rid of.

People who want to look younger than their age, however, shouldn’t only focus on caring for their skin exclusively. Although maintaining a skin care routine helps to keep their youthful appearance, it might not be enough if they don’t have a healthy lifestyle or the right disposition.

A Healthy Lifestyle Shows on the Skin

The skin is an excellent indicator of physical health. Supple, rosy, and healthy skin implies that the cells and tissues beneath are in excellent health as well. Skin that appears dull and feels rough and dehydrated, on the other hand, suggests that a person is ill. Irregularities in the skin’s texture and color could also be signs of internal diseases like hepatitis C, Addison’s disease, and systemic sclerosis.

Given these facts, there are two ways a healthy lifestyle (and by extension, healthy skin) can make people look younger than their age:

1. Good health is associated with youthfulness while illness is related to old age.
2. Healthy, rosy skin looks younger as people associate it with the suppleness of baby’s skin.

People can meet the public’s perception of youthfulness (e.g., smooth skin, bright complexion) by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Nutritious food, exercise, and avoiding vices like drinking and smoking are essential towards achieving this goal. The use of luxury cosmetic products infused with nourishing, organic extracts can also help as it provides benefits people can’t get from their diets alone.

A Positive Attitude

A positive attitude and sunny disposition can also make a person look much younger. Although a recent survey has disproved the widely-believed theory that smiling makes people look young, smiling promotes a positive attitude that radiates exuberance that people associate with youthfulness.

Despite what famous personalities like Kim Kardashian believe, smiling or laughing per se don’t cause wrinkles. Laugh lines around the cheek and eyes appear because skin gradually loses its elasticity over time. Besides, smiling and laughing helps alleviate stress, which scientists and researchers say accelerates skin aging.

A simple observation of individuals with high-stress levels proves this, too. Stress makes people frown, which forms visible creases in the forehead and between the eyes. The muscle movement could make them look older, as a result.

a woman taking a bath


Sometimes, some people are just luckier than others in the looks department because of genetics and ethnicity. Science tells us that the darker the color of the skin is, the more melanin it contains. As brown and dark skin is prevalent in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean, people from these countries often get much praise for looking younger than they actually are.

It has everything to do with melanin and skin composition. Dark skin is firmer, which explains why Asians and African Americans tend to develop fewer wrinkles than Caucasians of similar age. The abundance of melanin on their skin also makes them less prone to skin cancer.

While there’s nothing people can do about their heritage, they do have control over their health and attitude. Adopting a healthy lifestyle and adopting a positive outlook can help them look and feel younger.

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