Who doesn’t want soft, supple, glowing skin? Facial treatments used to be an aesthetic procedure that most people think of as an option and shouldn’t be a priority. Aside from the fact that they are pricey, most facial treatments take a long time to see the expected result – plus a few days looking sore.

But people who have seen results have continued to undergo the same or explored other treatments. It’s a regimen, yes, but even the best aesthetician or dermatologist would tell you to slow down and take time to see the difference. Take the time to understand these facts before you sit again under that facial steamer at your favorite salon.

1. Facial treatments are not quick fixes

First, you must remember that not all salons carry professional dermatological treatments. If you need help with a facial skin condition, like consistent acne breakout, consider seeking professional advice first. Each skin type requires a different approach or program to remove unwanted skin condition.

Facials are more of a preventive measure than a cure. Most facials treatments focus on cleaning away dead skin cells and clearing your pores. Skin enhancements like whitening do not happen in one session but can be achieved over regular visits.

2. Choose wisely

Beauty treatment in modern beauty salon

Treatment doesn’t automatically mean it’s good just because it’s expensive and has a fancy name for the procedure. Research and ask around for recommendations before choosing a salon or clinic that you’d like to go to. Women are known for our gut to feel, so always go with it. One way of knowing a lousy place is when the attendant or aesthetician is too pushy with a product or procedure.

3. Stick to a schedule

Once you have undergone a procedure, follow the regimen that was advised to you after. Some treatments require several sessions, and they will tell you when the next one will be, so stick with it. You’ll get better results when you stick to a schedule.

After a diamond peel, you will be told not to expose yourself to direct sunlight and moisturize religiously, so try not to schedule the treatment if you were planning for a beach or outdoor activity any time soon.

4. It’s all in your mind

YouTube DIY videos on blackhead popping are fun and satisfying to watch so your impulse is to find one and satisfy your ticks.

By all means, don’t.

Consider blackheads and pimples as a cap on an open wound, and popping them out leaves your open pores ready for microbe invasion that may lead to infection. Leave it to the experts.

On the other hand, you’d know – and you can use self-examination if your face needs more moisturizing if it’s too dry. A good massage softens and stimulates the skin.

5. Don’t over do it

Those who have tried and seen results tend to turn facial treatments as a habit. Some people who have the means (yeah, money) would instead undergo the same treatment even if it’s unnecessary. Aestheticians are licensed professionals who have undergone training, and a good one would create a beauty regimen for you to follow in between treatments.

Facial treatments give us some self-reward in the sense of pampering. When we work hard, we tend to forget about ourselves and how we look until we take notice (or that tactless co-worker points it out). Facial treatments should be done out of necessity unless it’s a facial emergency that needs priority.

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