Wedding planning is nerve-wracking. You have a lot of details that need sorting out, a guest list that keeps growing longer and longer with a budget growing smaller and smaller, and future in-laws who can’t stop giving unsolicited advice. The cherry on top is your fiancé who seems to be disagreeing with you on every aspect of the planning.

Fights, even petty ones, sometimes create a rift in relationships to the point of some couples calling off the wedding. That shouldn’t be your case. You can pull off planning the most important event in your life, and keep the love of your life at the end of the day (the goal, actually). Here’s how to plan a wedding when you and your partner don’t agree.

Get a Third-Party Opinion

No, not your mom or your best friend. A third-party opinion has to be unbiased, to a certain extent at least. A wedding coordinator in Denver can help, precisely because they’ve seen it all already. They have the experience and the expertise that inform them which are the best options among wedding planning dilemmas.

How do you find the best wedding coordinator? Ask around your social circles. For sure, at least one of your friends must have tried someone’s services. Or, you can also look online. If an events agency is putting an effort in making themselves visible on the web, then they must be serious about what they do. As soon as you know your wedding date, hire a wedding coordinator immediately to get them involved early on.

Go Back to Your Priorities

Couple planning their weddingYour priority list should be your reference guide whenever you run into conflicting views. It would frame your decisions and at the same time, make you rethink your options. In money matters especially, it would give you an insight whether to splurge or save. So, before talking to vendors or going into cake-tasting appointments, sit down with your fiancé and agree on your priorities.

What are the most important elements for you in the ceremony? The venue? The flowers? The guests? Be honest and realistic about your non-negotiables though. A wedding at an island at the other side of the world may be more of a nice-to-have, rather than a must-have. Keep your eyes fixed on your priorities, and you’ll be able to sort through disagreements and find a good compromise.

Give in

There are fights that aren’t worth fighting about. If you could live with the thought of having too many pinks in your wedding photos, then don’t fight your partner anymore about them wanting to fill up the whole venue with roses and peonies. If something’s not too much of a bother to you, then let it go.

You also have to remember that when you disagree on things, your partner’s opinions are for your best interests. You’re not competing here. You’re a team. So, if your fiancé shares their side, get out of your head and consider seriously what they think from the way they see things. It might be worth giving in, this time.

Wedding planning can bring out the best and worst in your relationship. Choose the former. Be kind when disagreeing, and remember that your goal is to have your fiancé your life partner at the end of the day.

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