Hosting weddings on a farm seems like a growing trend for most couples for the past couple of years. You may have even seen a few pictures online of random chandeliers hanging from the barn’s interiors. Although it may look pretty, getting married in a wedding venue in Kent is a fun yet tedious process. But do you even know where to begin?

What most couples fail to realise is that most barn weddings come with a few surprises. A few of these issues can be sound ordinance restrictions or non-working thermal control systems. However, you can prepare for them. Here are some things that you should know when planning a rustic wedding:

Not All Farms Have Bathrooms

Although it sounds lovely, most farms don’t have any plumbing or septic systems to handle all your guests. That only means that you need to rent luxury bathroom trailers and allocate a massive chunk of your budget for them. These luxury bathrooms often have the necessary facilities, such as a sink as well as a soap dispenser. However, although you might have spent a lot on those luxury bathroom trailers, a few of your guests are likely to make some comments about it.

You Need an Additional Source of Electricity

Barn Wedding

Most barns don’t have enough electricity to handle a huge party. That’s why experts recommend renting a generator for the event. Although it seems high at first, you’ll realise that everything is worth it as soon as you see its benefits. You can use the generator to provide proper lighting during the reception, keep the food warm, as well as amplify the music.

You Should Allocate Enough Money

Looking at barn or farm pictures can look beautiful, but you’ll probably think twice as soon as you find out how much it costs. The location might be beautiful, but a lot of work needs to be done. You need to rent the basic needs such as chairs, tables, dinner utensils, and more for the wedding. Aside from the costs associated with it, you also need to take care of the estate fee.

You Need to Get the Right Guest Count

Not all barns come in the same size. With that in mind, you might notice that the interior space is not enough to fit everyone in the party. After all, this type of building wasn’t designed to cater to parties or events. Thus, if you’re planning to plan an extremely extravagant wedding, then it’s best to look for other venues instead. Barn weddings are perfect for intimate weddings with only the closest of your loved ones to attend it.

In the end, planning a rustic wedding is a great way to make your wedding special. Although it takes a lot of time and effort, seeing your dream wedding come to life will surely make everything worth it. Thus, you have to choose the best venue that will make your wedding picturesque and memorable. If you need help, you can seek the advice of a professional wedding planner.

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