Funerals can be stressful and devastating, especially since you have just lost a loved one. However, you must muster all your strength to give your loved one a memorable funeral service for everyone to remember them forever and celebrate the life that they have lived.

If you’re totally not prepared for their death and everything took you by surprise, then you most likely have a limited budget for their funeral. Funerals can be a bit expensive, and if not thought over, the costs can rack up easily.

Here, we will discuss what things you can do to make sure that you will still be able to give your loved one a memorable funeral service done by a funeral director in Layton.

Look Around the Area

Ask around your area and see which funeral parlor has the lowest prices. However, you should still see to it that their services are of high quality and that they will be able to give your loved one a great service even if the prices are pretty low.

Also, you should be upfront when it comes to the cost. Tell the parlor that you are on a tight budget, and that you are looking for a funeral parlor that is affordable. They might even give you discounts or offer special promos. You can also try to negotiate with them and see if they are flexible with their prices.

Say No to Embalming if You Can

If you do not care for embalming all that much, it would be best to skip it. However, if it is one of your loved one’s last requests, you should definitely go for it, as long as you have enough budget for it. Embalming often requires the use of formaldehyde, which is bad for the environment. Skipping it will not only make your costs go way down, but you will also help save the environment.

Opt for Cremation

Man handing an urnIf you can find a parlor that offers budget-friendly cremations, opt for that instead. Aside from saving money from the burial and the service, you also get to save money from getting a casket. You can just scatter your loved one’s ashes where they prefer it to or keep it an urn and have them stay with you at home.

Make the Flowers Yourself

Ordering flowers from the funeral home or from the flower shop can be expensive, especially if it is custom-made. Create your own setup instead and source the flowers from your garden or from a friend’s garden.

Keep it simple and just design one attractive funeral bouquet that will provide a sense of balance and elegance at the location. This will help you save money than going for several flower arrangements.

Bring Clothes for Your Departed Loved One

Make sure to prepare clothes for your departed loved one and bring that to the funeral home. The funeral home may offer pieces of clothing for the service, but those are most likely expensive. Buy an inexpensive pair of clothing for your loved one — one that you know they would love and be in forever.

Having a memorable yet affordable funeral service is definitely possible, as long as you are resourceful. Remembering your loved one doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, plus, they most likely would want their own service to be cost-effective.

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