You might find that there are a lot of things that go into wedding planning and things might get overwhelming. One important thing you should never forget, though, are the wedding bands. You would be confronted by a lot of options for different details about the wedding and the wedding rings are no exception. So how should you choose the rings that are right for you and your partner? Here are some tips.

Set your budget. Before you head out to the jewelers, you would need to establish just how much you are willing to spend for the wedding bands. Consider allocating around 3% of your total wedding budget for the rings. Take note that you might have to pay extra for embellishments, such as engraving and diamonds. The cost for engraving may depend on the font, number of characters and whether it is done by machine or hand, where hand engraving can be more expensive.

Search early. It would be best for you to start your search for wedding rings early. For good measure, you might want to shop for the rings at least two months before you tie the knot. Custom rings might take more time to complete and adding embellishments, such as engraving, could take an additional month.

Differences are okay. Does she want yellow gold wedding bands for her but he prefers platinum instead? Do not worry too much about this. Mixing up does not hurt. You may consider going for braided designs that use the two metals you both prefer or just choose to have entirely different rings. Anything goes as long as both of you agree upon it. After all, it is your wedding.

silver wedding rings

Think ahead. You would be wearing your wedding rings for as long as you stay married, so make sure that you think long-term when choosing them. Make sure that your rings are durable and that the style is something that you would want to wear decades into the future. Since you will be wearing your rings every day, they should not get in the way of your lifestyle, especially if you work with your hands. Also consider the maintenance for the rings. Ones with precious stones may require regular cleaning to keep them sparkling.

Consider who wears it. Most people rarely take off their wedding rings, if they do at all, so it is very important that the ring fits you comfortably. Our fingers can shrink or expand due to several factors, like temperature, water retention and weight gain. To find the size that is right for you, schedule your fitting when you are calm and have a normal body temperature. Some people are also allergic to certain metals, so you might want to check for that as well.

Do not forget to inspect the quality of the rings you are getting. Usually, there should be two marks inside each band, which are the manufacturer’s trademark and the quality mark (e.g. 24K or PLAT).

The wedding rings you choose should suit you and your partner’s individual tastes, and last as long as your marriage. As with the rest of the wedding plans, both of you must carefully consider what you want to go for and settle for a compromise if you must.

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