Besides your trusty mascara and falsies, the most convenient way to fake voluminous and thick eyelashes is with eyelash extensions. Aside from lasting several weeks before needing fill-ins, they could likewise give you some time off during mornings since you won’t need to curl and apply mascara to get them looking just right. But having lash extensions is a commitment, and you need to care for them properly to make sure that it lasts and looks good for as long as possible. Here’s how.

The First 24 Hours

While lash extensions are fairly easy to maintain (once you get the hang of it) the first 24 hours, which is the curing period, is extremely crucial to ensure maximum volume retention. Alashes extension technician in Las Vegas says that the number rule after getting your extensions fitted is to keep them completely dry for at least 24 hours. Wetting them disrupts the curing process and might lead to premature shedding. If you need to wash your face, use a washcloth instead of splashing water all over your face and be careful to avoid the eyelash line. Likewise, steam from cooking, bathing, or facial services and sweat from exercising can harm your new extensions so avoid these activities for the time being.

After The First 24 Hours

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Congratulations! You’ve gotten through the first 24 hours, and considering that you didn’t get your lash extension wet, they’re now resistant to sweat and water, completely cured. To make certain that they last as long as possible, however, you need to watch out for a few things:

  • Don’t wear mascara. Your lashes won’t look as natural, and the constant removal of mascara would hurt your lashes, especially if you wear waterproof mascara. Which brings us to the next rule…
  • Don’t apply oil-based products (which you most likely use it to remove waterproof mascara) around your eye. Oils can easily damage the adhesive used to apply your lashes and lead to premature shedding.
  • Clean your lashes. You can use plain water or water mixed with a bit of baby shampoo. Apply the solution with a clean mascara wand to get rid of debris and avoid your lashes from clumping together.

For The Next Couple of Weeks

Being semi-permanent, you eyelash extensions will naturally shed with your real lashes. Generally speaking, you could lose between one to six eyelashes per eye, each day, which is normal. But this would depend on how you care for your lashes and your natural eyelash shed cycle. You can choose to have fills around week two or three to replace all the lashes you’ve shed. If you wait too long for a fill, you might need to get fitted with a full set of extensions, so getting fills at the right time will be more cost-effective.

Admittedly, all ofthese rules might seem a bit daunting for the uninitiated, but you’ll get used to your lash extensions in a couple of days. Just keep these tips in mind to help extend the life of your extensions.

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