One of the widely popular wedding themes all over the world is the rustic theme. Not only is it easy to style, but it is also incredibly affordable to decorate. You can never go wrong with a rustic-themed wedding, as people will surely love the ambience and the decorations.

There are a couple of things you should remember when planning a rustic-themed wedding, though, and today, we will discuss some of those points. Whether you are looking for barn wedding venues in Minnesota or you are trying to find the right inspiration for your decorations, we have you covered.

Book a Barn

The first thing you should do is to find a barn that allows small-scale events. Barns look naturally rustic, as it gives out that country feel yet a beautiful and appealing look. It’s the ideal venue for rustic weddings, as you do not have to do a lot of decorations.

Make sure to look for a barn that is clean and presentable, though. Ask the owners or the management to clean it well, especially if animals live (or lived) in the barn. You can use citronella, scented candles, and essential oils during your wedding day to get rid of unwanted smells.

Get the Right Props

Buy the right props to decorate the barn, especially if you are decorating the place yourself. Get a couple of jam jars, apple crates, bales, candles, tree logs, burlap bunting, and barrels to use as decoration. Your wedding cake should also be rustic-themed, so make sure to let the baker know that you want a rustic-themed cake for your wedding.

If you have no idea how to decorate a barn, then go ahead and look online for inspiration. You can also look at wedding and bridal magazines to get enough inspiration for the decorations.

Work on the Ambience

The barn may feel rustic in itself, but adding little bits of decorations can make the ambience feel a lot better. Rustic weddings are known to be more warm and relaxed compared to a traditional wedding.

As it is a little bit more laid back, you can go ahead and ditch the three-course meal. You can opt for a barbecue or a hot roast instead, especially if your guests are more into that style of dining. Serve some of your most favorite comfort food and win the hearts of your attendees.

Go for Neutral and Natural

Wedding arch rustic design

Rustic weddings are usually neutral in color. If you are looking for a color scheme, then you would be better off if you go for browns, greens, and creams. It must blend with nature and the barn, so the colors should be neutral and not loud at all.

You should also get furniture, such as wooden tables and chairs, to make it look rustic. Don’t cover them up with tablecloths and chair covers, as this will only defeat the purpose. Use lace runners instead if you want to add a touch of fabric in there.

Pair the venue with country music and fairy lights. Imagine how your venue will look like and slowly bring it to life! If you need help decorating, then do not be scared to ask your friends, family, or even a wedding planner. Good luck and enjoy your wedding!

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