Proposing to your girl may be one of your long-term plans. After all, you and your girl might have already talked about getting married a few times before. If you know that “yes” will be her answer, there is no reason to let things pass. Now is your chance to propose to her and tell her how much you love her. However, proposals can be nerve-racking. You surely have some reservations and doubts like, “What if she says ‘no’?” or “What if I lose the confidence?” These are some of the questions that may plague you a few days before the date of the proposal.

But do not let those fears stop you. There are actually some ways that you can propose to your girl without feeling awkward. To do just that, you will need to be prepared. Otherwise, your plans will have higher chances of failing. Below are some of the things you need to do if you want to propose to your girl. Do not forget your lab diamonds!

Pointer #1: Talk to the family

This is something that you may consider, especially if you know that your partner’s parents are traditional and they somehow want to be involved in the initial phases of your plan. Talking to them about this is a form of respect. It is also an opportunity where you can make a pact with your girlfriend’s family — that you will respect and take care of your girlfriend to the best of your ability. If your girlfriend’s family is not too strict or traditional, you may choose to not be so formal about it.

Pointer #2: Keep it simple

A lot of people have high expectations when it comes to engagements. They think that ideal proposals come in the form of grand gestures — proposing in the middle of the audience or surprising the girl while the whole world is watching. Simplicity will always be the best strategy. When your plans are simple, the event gets more intimate and memorable. If you want people to witness the event, you can invite a few chosen ones, such as the family or your closest friends.

Pointer #3: Choose the right venue

couple having dinner outdoorsAvoid doing things in random. Though it is surprising, you may want to make the event truly memorable. In this regard, you may choose to pick a venue that is significant to both of you. For one, you can propose to her at the place where you first met her. Your girl may have a favorite restaurant, so you may consider this place as the venue.

Pointer #4: Pick the right time

Other than picking the right place. You need to choose the right time. Do not propose to your girlfriend when bad times have hit her family. Proposing to her may be a bad idea when she is stressed and anxious due to her job or career-related instances. Pick the right time when both of you are happy!

Proposing to your girlfriend should not make you overly nervous. Just relax and be yourself. Keep things simple and fun!

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