Growing old is more than just back pain and gray hair. The bright side of aging is the over 65 club benefits you can enjoy. From health to even college education, there’s a benefit ready for an active senior citizen like you. Know what these benefits are and how you can get a hold of them here.


The most commonly known healthcare benefits seniors can get are Medicare and Medicaid. There’s often confusion about which is which. Medicare is a government-issued insurance program. You pay a part of the cost for your healthcare coverage.

Medicaid, on the other hand, is an assistance program. It’s for people with low income. Patients who get Medicaid often don’t have to pay for coverage. It’s possible for you to use both programs to make your hospital bills lighter. Just make sure you have all the requirements needed for Medicaid eligibility.


Elderly couple posing with an RV in the backgroundWhat better way to spend your golden years than to travel the world? Planning to visit a state that’s hours away? Popular fleets like American Airlines and Southwest Airlines have discounts for people aged 65 and up. Once you’re there, popular car rental services like Hertz offer discounts for renters over 50. And if you’re driving to a national park, you’re in luck. Visitors aged 62 and over can get a lifetime pass to any national park for just $10. It’s worth it, considering you’ll have unlimited access to the breathtaking views of the Arches, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Park.


If you’re looking to finish college or just want to have another degree under your belt, enroll in your local state university. Schools like the University of Utah offer tuition-free classes to senior citizens. You only need to pay a registration fee of $25 per semester. It’s never too late for anyone to learn more.


The government has programs that help relieve your basic bills. Home Energy Assistance Target (HEAT) helps with heating and cooling costs for seniors with limited income. Social Security also offers a similar program for senior citizens with tight budgets called the Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The SSI provides cash every month for basic needs. Lifeline is also a great service that offers phone bill discounts for people who are low on cash. You automatically qualify for Lifeline services if you’re enrolled in Medicaid.

Though the benefits that come with being a senior citizen are enticing, they often require applications for eligibility. Always make sure you have the relevant documents like your payslips from your job and your birth certificate. And don’t be afraid to ask a younger relative or friend to help you with the process. It also helps to be a member of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). They provide benefits and discounts from food to cruise lines for the annual subscription fee of $12. Before you know it, you’ll be catching up on your studies, traveling the world, eating the finest food, all while keeping yourself and your wallet healthy.

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