Posting pictures and keeping everyone updated is turning into a must in today’s world. Most people feel the need to update others on what they do and even on what they eat. That is why some people are passionate when it comes to taking photos of their food.

For many, taking pictures of their food is like saving the memory of what happened during that day. So, before you visit one of the fine dining restaurants in Singapore, it is best for you to learn a few photography skills before your tour. Doing so can help bring your feed to the next level.

Utilise Natural Light

Great lighting is the key to getting the best still life photos. That is why it is recommended to take pictures in natural daylight. Taking pictures of your food using artificial light is well likely to produce yellow or orange colour cast in the images. Bear in mind that colour is crucial to photography, especially when it comes to food. You need to make the colours as accurate as possible to represent the cuisine well.

Use the Grid Setting

Grid setting is available for both phones and DSLRs. It is a simple feature that lets you overlay a grid to all photos that you are taking. Using the grid setting allows you to take pictures or even divide your frames into thirds. You can toggle in your camera or photo settings to learn how to activate the grid settings.

Practice Your Angles

Taking a photo of food and drinkThe camera angle can make or break your photos, especially its aesthetics. So, try to learn as much as you can to get amazing photos. One of the best ways to take pictures is to shoot it at eye-level. However, doing so can be tricky and might even require you to get up on your chair to get the best shot. Shooting your food from a bird’s eye view can give you a better look at your subject and give you an option to capture everything in a single frame.

Learn to Use Negative Space

There are times when negative space can give your pictures a more exciting look. So, do not be afraid to have negative areas on the frame. You can try taking pictures of your food on the lower left of the grid, so it will only take up a third of the structure. Doing so can add a little drama to it, especially if you are using backgrounds to create contrast.

Add Some Props

You can use any prop that you want if it blends well with your subject. Food stylists often bring other objects into the frame to make the shot even more interesting. You can use napkins and other table decoration to make the composition more appealing.

Taking great photos of your food is a great way to remember your special day, especially if you are outside the country. If you are shy about it, you can always try your skills at home until you are more confident to try it outside.

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