For most families, a baby is one reason to postpone or negate a vacation altogether. This decision is usually informed by the endless things you will need to carry for your baby, such as strollers, car seats, and cribs. This should, however, be the least of your concerns when planning a vacation.

This is because you need not carry all your baby’s essential and bulky items if you are taking a vacation to Florida. There is currently a baby equipment rental store in West Palm Beach which supplies all these items at a reasonable fee for the duration of your vacation.

It is neither advisable nor comfortable for your baby to sleep on your hotel bed and hence a crib is one of the essential items you will rent. The following are some of the styles you can opt for your baby’s vacation crib.

Convertible Crib

Depending on your convertible crib’s model, it can be changed into a single, double, day or toddler bed or a bench. These cribs are typically advertised as 2-in-1, 3-in-1 and such like variants.

The repurposing of this crib saves you on the costs of hiring several items for your baby and minimizes the space taken up by your baby’s furniture. Some convertible cribs are however made of softwoods, and these might easily buckle or ding easily and attract fines from the store you hire them from.

Round Crib

This is a unique style option for your baby’s crib and is sure to stand out in your vacation photos. Most round cribs also come with canopies and posters to hang different items for your baby.

Unfortunately, these cribs take up considerable floor space in your hotel room and are more expensive to rent compared to other options.

Sleigh Cribs

Baby looking at the camera

These resemble a sleigh and hence have a quaint look. They are also a good choice for vacationers aiming for a unique crib style to spice up their vacation photos. Sleigh cribs are however expensive to rent since they are often made of solid footboards and hardboards instead of slats.

It is also almost impossible to securely tighten a crib bumper on them, although most parents nowadays opt to forego the bumper.

Portable Cribs

These resemble standard cribs but have wheels in place of the legs in the latter. Portable cribs are also foldable and can fit into a bag for traveling. They are hence a convenient option for vacationers who will not be staying in one spot for an extended period.

Getting a perfect crib for your baby while on vacation will guarantee their comfort and hence your peace of mind during the holiday. Most people might consider renting the above cribs an unnecessary expense and instead carry their baby’s crib.

This, however, attracts an extra luggage charge for those who opt for air travel and takes up considerable space for those taking a road trip. In the end, the cost of the crib rentals mentioned here is far lower than traveling with yours from home. The cribs are also well-sanitized, so you should not worry about disease transmission.

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