Owning or running a school is a career or business that one can truly be proud of. After all, you’re preparing the future generation to be productive members of your community. However, running this kind of enterprise comes with its own financial burdens and responsibilities.

If you intend to charge reasonable tuition fee rates, you’ll also need to cut costs without sacrificing the quality of your services. With that goal in mind, go through this brief list of surefire suggestions to help you economize on your business operations and school purchases.

Order Supplies Online

One of the best ways to save time and money when buying your school supplies is to find a reliable online source. Choose a provider that can sell your most needed items such as paper, liquid glue, pencils and pens at bulk prices.

Most of these online stores and sales websites also include discounts, rebates, and even free delivery. Make sure you choose a seller that has received above-average ratings from their clients.

Reuse, Recycle and Revive

Every school year, there will always be a lot of office materials and school supplies left from last year’s purchases. Other than these unused items, you can also recover decorations, crafts, projects and other products that can still be recycled and reused by your next batch of students.

Meanwhile, you can repaint or varnish your lackluster furnishings and fixtures so you can give them a second life and a brand new look.

DIY What You Can


Speaking of reviving used items, if you’re a school owner who has currently hired their own maintenance people, ask them to practice their expertise by renovating your schoolrooms and other campus areas. Require your own faculty to design their faculty tables and decorate their own rooms.

Add online promotional and marketing tasks for selected office staff. Best to schedule the larger DIY tasks during vacation breaks so major changes made within the school won’t hamper your classroom activities.

Remove Redundant Services

You may be incurring large costs without knowing it due to recurring but unneeded online products or services that your school has signed up for in the past. There might still be ongoing contracted services that were hired by former faculty members from long ago and are presently eating into your profits.

Go through your web subscriptions and surviving contracts. Analyze which you can keep and which you can cancel. Upon finalizing your lists, deal with your cancellations as soon as possible.

Be Eco-Friendly

Studies have shown that requiring sustainable and environmentally-aware work practices in any business can considerably reduce supply purchases and utility consumptions. Start by going paperless and maximize your internet services and digital correspondence.

Replace your incandescent lights with LED fixtures. Change your taps, and even your toilets and showers, with water-saving models. You will see a great reduction in your bills and purchases within a month of your eco-friendly adjustments.

The survival of any business is still based on its profitability. Along with these practical cost-cutting measures, remember to retain your school’s high-quality services, excellent customer care, and competitive pricing. Once you can keep these factors constant, or even improve on them, then you’re assured of a financially and intellectually profitable business.

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