Waxing is not as straightforward as you might think. To acquire maximum smoothness with minimal discomfort, you should know the waxing mistakes to avoid. While you can gain expertise as time goes by, errors are likely to lead to breakage, missed hair, and even injuries. What are some of the mistakes to avoid when doing the same?

Failure to Prep the Wax

For quality results, you need to prepare your wax appropriately. For instance, it ought to be warm enough before applying it. If your waxing kit in Sandy does not come with a wax warmer, you have to research how best to warm your wax. In case the wax is microwavable, be careful to heat it evenly because microwaves do not always heat it thoroughly. Additionally, microwaving does not provide continuous heating, meaning that the wax will cool off. Cool wax does not spread and remove hair appropriately.

Not Prepping Your Skin

Properly prepared wax on an improperly prepped skin would not work as required. You ought to clear your skin of oil, dirt, and any makeup you might have on. Improperly prepared skin repels soft wax, meaning that it does not stick to remove the hair. Failure to prepare your skin also increases the chances of breakage, missed hair, and post-waxing irritation.

Since different people have different types of skins, you should know how best to prep your type of skin before attempting anything. If your skin is not oily, for instance, using cleaning products meant for oily types of skin would be a bad decision. Applying a light layer of powder for soft wax and pre-epilation oil for hard wax helps buffer your skin for best results.

Poor Timing

Woman about to wax her legYou should not wax any time you feel like it. For optimal results, you should wax when your hair is neither too short nor too long. Shorter hair never adheres to wax appropriately. While you can repeat the process until you achieve results, waxing repeatedly will be painful and time-consuming. When the hair is too long, chances of breakage would be high. This means that you will have to repeat the process. If it breaks slightly below the surface of your skin, it will grow back more quickly.

Removing the Wax Too Slowly

Removing the wax will hurt. However, if you do not zip-off quickly, you will have to repeat the procedure, which means more pain. Pulling off the strip slowly will also leave wax on your skin. For best results, hold your skin tightly to counter mobility. This helps avoid tugging your skin outwards and upwards, which can cause more discomfort.

Ignoring Your Medications

Anti-acne medicines and steroids can weaken the skin. This means that you are likely to experience more discomfort when waxing. There will be bleeding, too. If you are on any medication, you should consult your healthcare provider before attempting waxing.

Waxing at home comes with many risks for inexperienced individuals. Instead of experimenting with your body, consider visiting a waxing salon. Understand that only the right specialists in waxing in Sandy can give you the best results. This makes it necessary to choose one carefully.

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