When popping the question, it’s always a tug of war between going public or keeping it private. A lot of people, however, has found the sweet spot in proposing with only close friends and family.

It’s public, in the sense that the couple can share their romantic moment with other people. At the same time, there’s a sense of privacy, with family and friends showing up only when you get the “yes.” It’s the best of both worlds.
If you’re planning to take this route, here are ways to include family and friends in this big, romantic moment.

Let them be your “eyes” and “ears.”

Sure, you have a pretty good idea already of how you can make your partner feel extra special and loved on the proposal day, but it’s still nice to know what exactly they want. This is where your partner’s family and friends can come in: they could ask your soon-to-be fiancé about the “dream proposal.” It won’t be obvious that you’re fishing since these matters are already often talked about inside girl friends’ circles and around family reunions.

More than the gimmicks and the location, you want to get the scoop about the ring. The ring is the most important piece of the proposal because it’s what seals the deal. You have to make it perfect. You have to know the size and style particularly. From there, consult a jeweler immediately.Salt Lake City shops, such as AAA Jewelers, often offer customization so that you can guarantee a ring fit for your partner’s preferences.

Make them your photographers

Capturing the moment
It’s always a dilemma for guys how they can document the entire proposal. Of course, you want to remember and relive this moment years from now, so you want it captured on camera. Again, this is where you can involve your family and friends.

Encourage them to snap pictures while you pop the question. Depending on the set-up you’ve arranged, they could be hiding behind the bushes or taking a break from a beer pong game. Of course, it’s better if your would-be fiancé has a professional photographer aunt or college friend.

Note though that since your partners’ friends would have a lot of pics and videos on their phones, they’d surely want to have that posted on their social media. If you want to delay for a bit announcing your engagement to the world, be sure to communicate that to your friends and family.

Create a mini party after popping the question

Once your partner says yes, ask the family members and friends to come out of their hiding. If you could fly out distant relatives your partner hasn’t seen for a long time, that would totally be a good surprise for them. Come together for a small lunch or dinner gathering to celebrate. It would be good to have a short program, say, having some of the friends make a toast or playing a video compilation of the pictures you’ve taken together as a couple. Treat this as a way of reminiscing your love story.

If you’re still deciding if you’d go public or private on your marriage proposal, go for the sweet middle. Pop the question with their close friends and family. All the best on your proposal!

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