Customers are the cornerstone of a business, and companies go to great lengths to make them happy. From tweaking the product to improving the purchasing experience and constantly seeking customer feedback, businesses implement several strategies to ensure that people continue transacting with them.

Showing appreciation is another strategy that improves retention. Studies have shown that 68 per cent of customers stop a business relationship because they feel that the company doesn’t care about them. While saying ‘thank you’ after a purchase is appreciated, sending gifts as a gesture of gratitude goes a long way in customer retention.

Here are popular ideas to show customers you’re thankful for their business:

Handwritten Letters

A simple and low-cost way of showing appreciation is by writing personal thank you letters. The key to success is making the message unique, personalised and authentic. Writing letters by hand takes a lot of time and effort, but it’s a worthwhile way of showing customers that they’re special.

Coupons and Gift Cards

Consider giving your customers coupons, gift cards, and discounts with products or services along with a ‘thank you’ card. The discounts can be as small as a £1 voucher for a coffee to a more generous token at an expensive restaurant.

Wine and Other Luxury Items

Sending wine is a special acknowledgement of customer loyalty. Because of the price of a good bottle of wine, it’s impractical to send a bottle to all of your customers, so limit the gifts to select clients. Some wine gift delivery services offer wine packages with luxury items like chocolate, cheese and tapas. Many suppliers deliver throughout the UK, saving you the time and effort.


Books are not an obvious choice for a gift, but they’re a great option for the right customer group. Inspirational, management or leadership books offer a deeper understanding of your company’s culture and core values, as well as open an opportunity for further discussion. When sending books, add a personalised note so that recipients know the gift is for them.

Charitable Gifts

Donating to a charity on behalf of the customer works well as a gift for people who interested in philanthropy and environmental causes. Reach out to a select set of customers and let them know you want to contribute to a charity of their choice. Make sure that the charity is recognised and that there’s proof of your donation.

Surprise Upgrades

Close up shot of female hands holding a small gift wrapped with pink ribbon

The element of surprise is powerful, and customers are delighted when they receive a free upgrade on an existing purchase. For example, you can pick five loyal customers at random and send them an upgrade. Just make sure to inform them beforehand, as some people might want to stick to their original purchase.

A thank you goes a long way in business. Showing customers you appreciate them through gifts and gestures create connections and loyalty. Make sure that these gifts are thoughtful and genuine. With the right gift and personal touch, customers are more likely to stay loyal to your brand and help you stay ahead of your competitors.


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